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HSA Calculator

Premium Comparison

Traditional Health Plan HSA Qualified HDHP
Annual Premium Cost
Annual Deductible (HDHP Only)
% Covered After Deductible

Estimating Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

I want to enter my own 'per-visit' amounts
Other Health Care Costs
Total Medical Expenses
Employee Responsibility
Traditonal Health Plan HSA Qualified HDHP
$Per Visit Total $Per Visit Total

HSA Tax Savings (When selecting a qualifying HDHP)

State Of Filing
State Tax Bracket
Federal Tax Bracket
Annual Employee HSA Contribution
Annual Employer HSA Contribution
State Tax Rate1
Federal Tax Rate
7.65% (FICA/FUTA) Tax Savings2
Federal Tax Savings3
State Tax Savings3
Total Estimated HSA Tax Savings

Total Estimated HSA Tax Savings

Total Cost Comparison Traditional
Health Plan
Qualified HDHP
Annual Premiums
Annual Out Of Pocket Costs
Annual Premiums + Out of Pocket Costs
Tax Savings (if applicable)
Total Estimated Annual Plan Savings

1AL, CA and NJ do not offer state tax deductibility on HSA contributions.
2FICA Tax Savings assumes pre-tax HSA contribution elected by employee.
3Tax Savings calculations are to be used as estimates only. The information presented here is not intended to serve as a substitute for tax advice from a qualified professional. Any person considering opening an HSA should consult a tax advisor to determine the tax consequences of doing so. It is the responsibility of the individual to determine eligibility for an HSA.

Please note that maximum out-of-pocket limitations can vary by plan. View the maximum HDHP Out-of-Pocket limits set by the IRS.