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Employer HSA Funding Portal

Group File Pull Contribution:
Once registered, the employer can log in and submit a funding file via the secure website portal.  Once the files are uploaded, The Bancorp will draft the funds from the employer’s business account.  Within three business days of submission of the funding file, the contributions will be posted to the employees’ HSAs.  In addition to this easy to use process, employers are able to view prior reports and modify funding files.

Group File Push Contribution:
Once registered, the employer can log in and submit a funding file via a secure website portal.  The employer will then need to initiate a wire or ACH from their company’s business account.  Once The Bancorp receives the funds, the contributions will be credited to the employees’ HSAs.

  • The Bancorp ABA number is 031101114
  • The bank account number is 0011095977
  • The bank account name is 'HSA Funding'

In order to complete a transfer, please contact your bank and authorize the wiring of funds from your corporate account. Click here for further detail

Direct Deposit:
Employers can initiate an ACH contribution to their employees’ HSAs through their current payroll provider.  To get started, the employer must first contact their payroll provider and provide them with The Bancorp  ABA Number - 031101114; note that it is a checking account and provide the employee’s account number.  Please keep in mind that the employees’ account number and not social security number is needed when completing direct deposit.

Check and File:
Employers may mail a check to The Bancorp and upload a funding file via the secure website portal. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for processing; take into consideration mailing time and check clearing time. 

The Bancorp HSA
Attn: Deposit Operations
409 Silverside Road, Suite 105
Wilmington, DE 19809

Check and List
Employers may mail a check and a list to The Bancorp.  Please keep in mind this is not recommended due to the sensitive nature required to complete the contribution process to your employees’ accounts.  Please include an Employer Contribution Form with your check.  The form can be found in our forms library under the "Managing Your HSA" tab.

Funding Process

Set-Up Time

Posting Time

Direct Deposit

Based on Employer’s payroll provider

Same day funds are received by Bancorp

Group File Pull Contribution

8 business days (one time only)

Within 3 business days of file being submitted in the portal

Group File Push Contribution

5 business days (one time only)

Same day funds are received by Bancorp as long as it is prior to 3 pm ET or next business day if received after 3 pm ET

Check and File

5 business days (one time only)

Within 24 hours of check being received by Bancorp

Check and List


Within 24 hours of check being received by Bancorp


Using the HSA Employer Funding Portal

What is the Funding Portal?

The Employer Funding Portal is a free online service that allows employers to make deposits to employees’ Health Savings Accounts through a secure website with The Bancorp.  Within the portal employers can view prior contributions as well as receive notification on files processed. 

Log In – Begin making HSA deposits through our secure website,

FAQs - Click here to find answers to your questions about the Employer Funding Portal.

Tutorial - Click here to view a tutorial of the Employer Funding Portal.

Update - Update your company information and/or add or remove a user for the Employer Funding Portal

Group Funding File Template – You may use this template to make deposits on behalf of your employees' HSAs.

ACH Form – Complete this form to change ACH Pull instructions.  


What are the steps for using the Funding Portal?

  1. Download a registration form using the link above. The form is a fillable PDF.
  2. Complete the  form, sign it, and return it by secure email, fax or mail, as indicated on the form. Only typed forms will be accepted for processing.
  3. Once we have received and processed your completed registration form, we will send each contact listed on your form a user name, a password and instructions for accessing the Funding Portal. Processing may take up to five business days.
  4. After your contacts have received their login information, your company can begin sending funding files through the online portal.

    If you elect the ACH “pull” funding method, please allow a minimum of five business days after you receive your user name and password emails before uploading a funding file through the portal. 
  5. Before submitting deposits online, first ensure that all affected employees have open HSAs with The Bancorp. If an account has not been opened, the employee’s contribution will pend and you will be contacted to resolve. 
  6. Once an HSA has been established with the bank, you can begin sending deposits to the account. You must collect the following information for each employee in order to begin funding:
    • Full Name
    • Full Social Security Number or HSA Number
    • Amount of Deposit
  7. Employees may view their HSA balance by logging into their personal account through our HSA website. Please refer to the FAQs for the timing of funds availability.
  8.  The funding user will receive an automated email confirmation when a file has been processed, noting when funds have been applied successfully and/or any exceptions. 


For additional information or questions about the HSA Employer Funding Portal, please contact us by: 

Employer Funding Tool- Existing users only