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HSA Investment Account Information

We no longer accept applications to open new HSA Investment Accounts.

We continue to service existing HSA Investment Accounts only.


The following information is for clients with an existing HSA Investment Account:

Log In –     Place online trades and manage the investment account through Wealthscape Investor 1 (formerly myStreetscape).

Learn –    Research more about National Financial Services LLC


Balance Requirements:
A minimum daily balance of $1,000.00 must be maintained in the Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover fees and eligible healthcare expenditures. 

All trades will clear electronically through the HSA:

  • Once an online trade is placed, no additional action is required to transfer funds from the HSA to the investment account: the HSA will be debited automatically for the amount of the selected investment options, along with any associated fees. Sale proceeds in the investment account will also automatically sweep back into the HSA. This allows us to correctly report the net HSA balance at year end for tax purposes.
  • Trades can only be initiated online through the Wealthscape Investor portal. Please do not send checks or wire funds directly to National Financial Services; doing so will result in transactions being incorrectly recorded.


Investment Fees:
Click here to see the fees associated with the HSA Investment Account. The Bancorp Bank does not assess a fee for account holders to participate in the investment options.

If no trades are conducted during the calendar year, a Custody Fee of $25 will be assessed for inactivity on any account holding a balance.

At least one instance of new trading activity (identified with a “BUY” or “SEL” mnemonic) must settle on or before December 31 to exempt the investment account from the Custody Fee for Inactivity. These transactions are not defined as trading activity: mutual fund dividend reinvestments or EFT transactions resulting from Periodic Investment Plans or Systematic Withdrawal Plans.


Contact Us:
For information or questions about your investment account, please contact us at:

The Bancorp Bank representatives can assist with general questions about the HSA Investment Account. Because this is a self-directed account, investment advice will not be provided*. If you call outside of business hours or all representatives are busy on other calls, please leave a voicemail. Expect a call or email the next business day if message is left outside business hours or after 3 p.m. ET on a business day; expect a call or email the same business day if message is left on a business day before 3 p.m. ET.

*Account holders seeking professional investment advice should consult a licensed financial advisor.

Neither The Bancorp Bank nor its subsidiaries (collectively "Bancorp") are registered investment advisors, nor is Bancorp acting in the capacity of a registered investment advisor with respect to the offering by National Financial Services LLC of Health Savings Account ("HSA") Investment Services investment options. Participation in investment options is voluntary. Under no circumstance is Bancorp offering any of the HSA Investment Services, and Bancorp makes no representations with respect to the investment options offered by National Financial Services LLC.

Non-deposit products, such as mutual funds, that may be held in the HSA Investment Account are not FDIC insured, are not guaranteed, and may lose value. Bancorp disclaims any and all liability, contingent or otherwise, for the performance of the investment options. Please consult your financial advisor for personal investment advice.

1myStreetscape is being rebranded as Wealthscape InvestorSM. Visit the new Wealthscape Investor log-in page to access your accounts. The myStreetscape URL will be retired, so please update your myStreetscape browser bookmarks to point to the new site. The new log-in page supports a custom Username. If you’ve established a custom, alphanumeric Username, you will be required to log in using the new Wealthscape Investor log-in page.